Previews of Heaven’s Postman starting TVXQ’s Jaejoong are out!

It seems to be a very sad, serious role for the gorgeous, honey-voiced Jaejoong. The release dates of the drama(s) have changed, with recent word being the entire series will be shot first and will be broadcast beginning sometime in September.

Reportedly, these dramas will be a collection of different stories starring different actors. Jaejoong plays a guy who is comatose but his spirit finds one woman whom he can’t forget as he passes messages from the living to their deceased relatives.

Check out the preview below:

Wow. Something tells me he may be very good at these heartbreaking roles. This is highly anticipated and was initially scheduled to begin broadcasting back in March 2009.

The delay, according to translated reports, was because the directors/producers wanted to shoot the entire series before starting to broadcast it.



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