With their popularity rising everyday, TVXQ has become the Monthly Artist in Oricon Style. They will now reveal their true side to everyone. This week, Yunho and Junsu will be revealing Yoochun, Changmin and Jaejoong’s secrets.

#1. YC, CM & JJ’s secrets

Q: We’d like to know more about each member this time, so please do tell us some secrets the members have as they’re not here now. First, we have Yunho and Junsu to tell us about Changmin, Yoochun and Jaejoong’s personalities. We’ll also reveal some of their secrets along the way.

JS: Sigh~no! We know each other too well, so there aren’t any secrets between us.

[TRANS] Oricon Style Magazine March 09 – Interview Members’ Secrets Revealed
Original article by: infinityHK
Translated by: Banana-chan @TVXQfever.blogspot.com

Q: It doesn’t have to some shockingly huge secret, something small like an odd habit or a past experience would do as well. Shall we start by introducing each member’s personality? Junsu, what do you think of Jaejoong?
JS: Ah~ he’s very open minded, and a very warm person. He has a really bright personality, and his muscles are great too.

Q: What about Yunho?
YH: I agree with what Junsu said. Jaejoong is a very warm person, and full of feelings as well.

Q: Do you know any secrets about him?
JJ: Ah, let me give you a hint (JJ interrupts the interview suddenly). What am I wearing inside my pants?

YH:Yeah, that’s right! Jaejoong always wears a pair of tights, those that you wear when working out. He wears that all the time.

JJ: -looks very happy- Yes! Because these tights seem to have calorie-burning properties, so I’ve been wearing them; it’ll be like working out all the time. There’re various styles with varying lengths, from ankle to knee-length. I’m wearing the shorter kind now. I won’t be able to live without these. Oh, and one more thing! Another hint. What is it that I always can’t remember?

Q: Who gets this hint…?
JJ: -doesn’t wait for members to respond and starts talking by himself- I can’t remember the songs. I always have to practise my parts 10-20 times. Its probably around 5-6 times of what the members practise. At those times I’d think, “Am I stupid?” -bitter laugh-

Q: Jaejoong told us his own secret. Next is Yoochun. He seems to be the one with the best English, and has a knowledgeable kind of image, personality wise.
YH: You’re right, indeed it is like this.
JS: His secret is… its really cool. Yoochun likes to modify cars. He’s very familiar with musical gadgets/equipment as well, so he’s really knowledgeable about machinery. He’s also good at guessing riddles and making plastic models. Yoochun’s also the only member who has two notebooks.

YC: I like IT stuff a lot.

JS: I’m worst at those. I’m not really good with the iPod even. But, I feel very blessed the way I am now, its enough already. -laughs- Displaying Yoochun’s potential to the fullest is a game in itself already. When we play RPG (Role-playing Game), Yoochun would try new weapons and grow stronger; find secret pathways. But I wouldn’t do anything other than moving forward. Its too tiring to think of so many things. Yoochun on the other hand really enjoys the process of gaming.

Q: Then, please talk about Changmin’ secrets next.
YH: He’s 21 isn’t he, but he doesn’t look like it so people usually get a shock when they know his age. He looks the most mature out of all the members, is the tallest and has big eyes, nose and mouth.

Q: His personality is the most mature as well?
CM: Not at all. I have a very low threshold for resisting stress. -laughs- And I’m very stubborn as well.

YH: Well, Changmin would have very strong determination to achieve what he wants to if he has a goal. But he also does take others’ suggestions and comments into consideration.

JS: This is a secret. He sweats especially easily these days. -laughs- I used to be the one who sweats the fastest, but now its Changmin. He bathes really fast as well. If you get closer to him, he has a masculine smell. Maybe this is the smell of the tough guy that sends girls’ hearts aflutter.

YH: But Changmin has very strong, unwavering thoughts. If he thinks so, he’ll remain constant throughout til the end. I find that admirable.

JS: Changmin’s forehead is really wide as well. This is really another secret as well. -laughs-



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