LOVE FM Asianbeat [Radio Interview]

[02-19][Radio Interview] LOVE FM Asianbeat
Event DJ is the host for the FANCLUB EVENT : みんしる .. This interview was taken in the waiting room during the FANCLUB EVENT.

DJ: Did you guys have your winter holidays?
YH: Yup, around 10 days.

DJ: That’s a relax holidays

YH: yup
JJ: Yup, it’s a precious holidays. But when I was about to think of wat to do, the holidays just ended.
All : hahaha
JS:JJ is always like that
JJ: When we are busy, every1 will say if there’s holidays, I wan to do this and that. But when we have it, we hardly can find anything to do.
JS: Thinking back know, I cant remember what I had done during the holidays

DJ: Wont it a little pity ?
JJ: Yes, it is.

DJ: ya, but maybe u guys were used to being busy.
JJ: ya, maybe.
YH: unwittingly
JJ: But before the 10 days end, I can wait to c you guys, wishing to start working again.

DJ: I see.
JJ: I’m that way. YC is oso the same?
YC: Me too, me too. I don’t need any holidays.
JS: There’s one thing I cant bare it.

DJ: What is it?
JS: during the holidays, I really miss our japanese Fans very much, I wan to c them, n I cried everyday
CM: U cried ?
JS: Yes.

DJ: JS is talking very seriously, but JJ n YC is laughing here.
JJ: hahahaha
JS: What the matter, Y are u laughing ?
JS:I’m talking sincerely here.
CM: JS is enjoying every moment during the holidays.
JJ: hahahaha

DJ: Is it so ?
JS: Nonono, nonono.
YC: JS played football, and did a lot of stuff during the holidays.
JS: I was crying very hard !
JJ: U was crying very hard ?
JS: I’m really wish to c all the fans everyday.
YC:But don’t wish to work.
JS:I wish to, I wish to meet everyone.
cm:Until you cannot stand it anymore.
JS: I really wish to become the wind.
YC:You talk too long.
JS:Fly to your side [aren’t it lyrics for忘れないで?]
YC:You have mistaken.

DJ:This phase seems like a song lyrics?
CM:It sounds like song lyrics.
YH:So from this year onwards, only JS wont hav holiday.
JJ:Starting this year.
JS:Ok, who says I need holidays.
CM:Ok, I know it.
JJ:Good , ok, ok. I know. hahahaha

DJ:there’s fans asking that, TVXQ will be buzy during the year end. Did you guys rest during the New Year? Wat did you guys did?
YC:We went back to korea for about 10 days.
CM:Personal holidays.

DJ:Everyone’s spending wit your family ?
JJ:One year once holiday, its very precious. But meanwhile of thinking what to do , the holiday had ended.

DJ:that too bad.
JS:My holidays not bad.
CM:heehee, what did you do ?
JJ:What did you do ?
JS:Its been 6 years long, I went travel with my family.

DJ:that’s great
JS:Only with my family.

DJ:where did you go?
CM:Home town.
JS:Hometown, where there’s sea, fishes. The feeling was good.


DJ:yup, seems lik a very good opportunity, very relaxing.
JJ:sounds lik writing a dairy.
YH:ate a lot of fish.
YC:Feeling very good.
YH:feeling very good.
JS:The fishes seems to be very pitiful.

DJ:The fishes seems to be very pitiful? [THE DJ take JS words so seriously ??!]
YC:ah, NG already. Haiz.

DJ:there’s no NG. what bout the rest ? YH ?
YH:I also went back to hometown. Been a long time I did not go back. When to my graduated school and meet my ex-teachers.

DJ:visit your former school?
YH:yup. Besides …

DJ:Let them c tat you hav grow up.
YH:and we eat together.

DJ:that’s great !
CM:that’s good.

DJ:enn. What bout CM?
CM:me , with friends…
JS:This I know, CM holidays were boring.

DJ:really ?
YC:really ?
JS:its bored, but tats the vacation he wats. I’m sorry, not vacation, its holiday.
CM:I did a laser surgery
JS:eyes, eyes.

DJ:ah, laser.
YC:laser, laser.

CM:laser. Is laser.
DJ:then you can see till there from here ?
CM:I see it clearly.

CM:the world is actually so letty.
JS:letty ? [CM wanna say pretty but end up letty.]
CM:ah, is pretty.
YC:pretty, pretty.
CM:pretty, pretty. Kekekeke .

DJ:everyone’s holiday is very meaningful. What bout JJ ?
JJ:For myself, hadn’t I teel just now ?

DJ:oh ya .
JJ:JJ holiday end while he is figuring.

DJ:JJ holidays end just like tat, but hadn’t u do anything?
JJ:Should have done something.
JJ:I meet up with my family and frens, but really did not do others interesting stuff.

JJ:I worte songs at home.

JJ:Just ended lik tat. Keke.

DJ:I see. So before ending let YC giv a short talk.
YC:I went skating with the helpers, then when to China with 3 cue members, have dinner with my parents, wrote some songs.
YC:I did wrote sum songs.
CM:Very busy. Sounds lik reporting.

DJ:its funny. You guys just can leave music aside.

JS:But its still the same.
YC:But its still the same.
CM:But its still the same.

DJ:But its still the same.
JJ:saying But its still the same is abit over!
YC:What the meaning ?

DJ:cannot say it that way, all of you love music.
JS:no, in the end, it shows that we are to be with music.

credits :
trans : teddybear91


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