Junsu Buys House for Parents

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Junsu, 1/5th of Asian supergroup DBSK/Tohoshinki, bought his parents a spacious townhouse recently, according to allkpop.com.

The high voiced crooner and his fraternal twin, Junho, have known to be very good to their parents.

A tour of the two story house was shown on ETN News with pictures below:

dongbanger.com junsuhouse01

dongbanger.com junsuhouse02

dongbanger.com junsuhouse03

dongbanger.com junsuhouse04

Junsu’s not the only TVXQ son so far to publicly show his support and love for his family. Yoochun recently helped to secure a Timeout Gelato franchise shop for his mother; her desire for many years was to be able to open up her own ice cream shop, according to reports.

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