Super Junior’s member Kim Heechul has changed the whole of his minihompy (mini homepage) into SNSD concept and attracted a lot attention.

On April 1st, Kim Heechul has changed his minihompy’s main picture, skin, background music into SNSD. He even made the folder “So Nyeo Si Dae” in the photo tab and posted the pictures of Yoonah, Taeyeon, http://doremiiscale.blogspot.com/2008/08/prince-of-tennis-c-drama-project.htmlessica and Yuri.

He wrote under the picture of Yoonah “I’m SNSD’s shorty Im Yoonah”, Jessica “This is Sergeant Sic (Jessica) noona”, Taeyeon “My real name is Taeng goo” ; “My dream is to become an otolaryngology doctor so I always ask people that ‘Can you hear me ?’ “. Kim Heechul also introduced member Choi Shiwon as SNSD’s manager and wrote about him that “The video as evidence that I raised SNSD is floated”, hence made the fans burst out laughing.

Kim Heechul’s minihompy transformation is a surprising event for fans on April’s Fool day. Fan wrote on his minihompy that “I thought I went to wrong person’s minihompy” and “Heenim is really enjoying the April’s Fool day. Perfect sense” and cheered for this special fanservice.

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