(dongbanger.com) – Remember back a few months ago when TVXQ released their blockbuster Korean album Mirotic?  If so, you’ll also remember that an organization claiming to protect Korea’s youth (South Korea Youth Protection Committee) issued a ban on the song Mirotic claiming the lyrics were harmful to the youth of Korea.

SM Entertainment, the company over TVXQ, fought back. It was one, if not the only one, to actually fight for their artist; an easy task considering the massive amounts of money and attention TVXQ generates for the company.

Reports circulating online today state that SM Entertainment finally won their fight to get the ban lifted.

The ban was seen as totally ridiculous by many observers, and sparked a debate as to whether or not the committee purposely went after one of the biggest musical acts in Asia to get recognition.

For the record, there isn’t anything even remotely perverse or sexually inappropriate in any way about any of the music TVXQ has produced.

But because of the Protection Committee’s ban, it meant that no one under age could purchase TVXQ’s album, the CD was slapped with a big parental advisory sticker, and the song could only be performed on TV after 10PM.

SM Entertainment came out with a changed version while they were fighting this decision. For some reason “I got you… under my sky” just wasn’t as catchy as the original.

The ban didn’t seem to affect sales at all because the album still sold over half a million copies. Mirotic is TVXQ’s best selling Korean album to date.

If this news is accurate, here’s to somebody somewhere having the sense enough to see things for what they are: Kanpai!



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