According to a fan account posted May 23 after TVXQ’s Sapporo concert, Junsu was well enough to dance to all of the songs during the concert.

If you remember, the high-voiced cutie injured himself just before the start of the tour and performed previously in a wheelchair until he was well enough to stand. Now he is apparently able to do the full dance numbers with his fellow members.

The fan reports Junsu saying during the show “I am not perfect yet, but I could dance today and feel so good. I will do my best again tomorrow!”

Also, she reports that there was a touching moment between the guys and Junsu as he acknowledged how hard the other 4 members worked to change the show because of Junsu’s injury.

However, TVXQ’s designated leader, Yunho, expressed how excited he was to be able to dance with everyone, including Junsu, again.

TVXQ is currently on tour in Japan to support their latest #1 album The Secret Code.

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