False stories out of Korea about the situation between TVXQ and SM are making their way around the globe.

There were stories reportedly detailing an interview with DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu who are in a dispute with their Korean management company, SM. This “interview” is a flat lie, according to the most recent translated reports.

No Cut News (Korea) is reporting the three members as saying, “We haven’t conducted an interview with any media regarding the lawsuit.”

The original information about an “interview” was spread by entities including allkpop.com (Oh and would you look at that? Shinee’s pic is the featured background of allkpop’s website. Shock! Not.)

This, as well as other things, have caused many fans to become suspicious of the motives of some of those who work/write with or for the site.

Update 11:50PM ET Nov 2 2009: Allkpop has posted a follow up article about this situation and throwing it in the light of ‘who to believe’ and ‘who not to believe’.

The problem with this analysis is that the three members haven’t had much to say directly about this situation unless it came directly from their attorney.

It didn’t make any sense to some suspicious fans why they would speak in the manner they did for the alleged “interview” posted at allkpop at this crucial moment in time.

Given the history, shouldn’t the benefit of the doubt have been applied? Maybe. Maybe not. But certainly we shall see where this goes.

Stay tuned.


Screenshot of the article posted at allkpop:



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