First, I have to say these 'Secret of the Day' things are pretty cute. Enjoy!

Junsu: Because Junsu is such an optimistic person, he plays a very important role in relieving the stress of the other 4!!

Yuchun: Yuchun will feel lonely if he eats supper alone, so he always forces the members to eat with him.

Jejung: If Jejung gets drunk, he becomes really cute!   (*db note: when is he not cute? Tongue out*)

Second day in Nagoya!
2009/06/20(Sat) 15:08 Negoya day 2
It has begun!
The members have entered the arena, and are doing rehearsals now♪
Yesterday, the members ate the 『Hitsumabushi』that they've been craving so much!
It made them fully power-up☆
Let's have a great Live today too! dbsk042
The LQ version of Tohoshinki's (DBSK/TVXQ) new video, Stand By U (Tohoshinki ver), has found its way to the web.

According to the poster, its the BeeTV version so the quality leaves a lot to be desired (at least for the audio), but you can clearly see the video itself.

Watch it now girls before it's yanked off of Youtube: