JJ: I feel that the feeling is similar to the case of the male lead being in darkness all the time, unable to see light and that he cannot leave the happy memories behind and in this darkness shows the memories of him and his ex-lover...

CM: The male lead, from my point of view, is one who when reminiscing the past, is determined that he will find hope and continuing his life. Although the melody is soft and gentle, but the feeling is similar to that of being in a darkness and only able to see a small ray of light.. Just like to black and yellow, it's that kind of feeling.
2009/06/14 (Sun) 16:06
Fighting for the last day!

For the last time, we'll come for Osaka!

STARTS! dbsk014
JUNSU: At Tanabata festival 2005 in Tokyo Tower, JUNSU wrote at the prayer paper (sanzaku): "I want to have a LIVE at Tokyo Dome!"

YUCHON: Everytime YUCHON goes to mini market, he always buys batteries

JEJUNG: JEJUNG listens to many kinds of music! Due to that, he always makes the staffs [staff members] confused in deciding note for a new song production dbsk009
"Unable to leave the blissful past, I'm currently in darkness.."
- This year's summer song is a slow romantic song.

YC = Yoochun
YH = Yunho
CM = Changmin
JJ = Jaejoong

JS = Junsu

YC: Mm, although this song does not sound like usual summer pieces, but it does bring about the kind of loneliness you feel on a summer night.

YH: Till now, there are alot of songs similar to "Sky" and "Summer Dream" that have a carefree summer feeling. Although on the surface, the song "Doumini coopere kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? (Why I like you?)" that was released last year and "Stand by You" which was released this year do not have this carefree feeling but we want to let everyone experience a summer day full of meaning and show everyone that we have matured. dbsk006
Junsu -
He thinks that it would be good if he was a star in his previous life.

Yoochun -
He has a fear of heights and is practically unable to sit on a ferris wheel.

Jaejoong -
Among all the Japanese animations (anime), he favours "My Neighbour Totoro/Dragon Cat" the most.
The 3rd day!
2009/06/13(Sat) 13:43

Sweating it out in hot Osaka, the 3rd day has started!
Yuchun's truck ♪
There will be 5 trucks behind Osaka Jou Hall, please be sure to take some photos as momentos!