View the latest hot pics of DBSK performing at the Sparkling Concert in South Korea April 12 2009.

The concert was held at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium and was the first time the guys got to perform the ORIGINAL version of Mirotic without the changed/watered-down lyrics.

Tohoshinki, as they're known in Japan, is making a showing in the B-Pass magazine Poll.

Questions were asked such as which artist looks like he could run a marathon and which artist would they like to spend a hot summer with.

Tohoshinki (DBSK) participated in a short interview with Hirumania April 11.

The guys again showed off their funny, silly sides. Since the guys live together when they're in Japan, Yunho talked about how they clean and do the dishes together. And of course Jaejoong chimed in saying sometimes they have to use the bathroom at the same time, drawing laughter from the people in the room.

They also got to play a little game by picking their favorite color.  According to the cute  little game, Yoochun, who picked white (shiroi)  may fall in love with an older woman which may not have a good result. *Cue the dramatic music* Notice the look on Yoochun's face when one of the female hosts said the love may not have a good result. LOL!