Some various...☆ All the members are working hard in the promotions ♪
On the other team, which is the Crab team (Sapporo team),
it was so funny when the team called Changmin and telling him all about Crab on the phone making Changmin angry. (laugh)

Pics from TohoMobile - Sapporo Team: Jaejoong Yunho and Yoochun.  Look at Yoochun in the last pic!

ORICON style recently announced its monthly sales record chart (February). According to the chart, TVXQ’s single “Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide” whose total sales number is 104,447 copies is placed on the 4th.

Released in January 21st, “Bolero” topped the day’s ORICON single chart and also weekly single chart, thus enjoyed its rising popularity.

Junsu and Changmin have been carrying out their promotion activities for their upcoming Japanese album The Secret Code.

Here are pics of the guys.

MinSu couple, Hwaiting! Cool