ORICON style recently announced its monthly sales record chart (February). According to the chart, TVXQ’s single “Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide” whose total sales number is 104,447 copies is placed on the 4th.

Released in January 21st, “Bolero” topped the day’s ORICON single chart and also weekly single chart, thus enjoyed its rising popularity.
It’s an improvement for TVXQ, as their January last year-released single, “Purple Line” “only” got into TOP 5 in ORICON monthly chart.

Meanwhile, the ORICON February chart is topped by KAT-TUN’s single “One Drop” which records sales for 281,359.

Kinki Kids’ single “Promise” with 199,949 number of sale and Motonaga Aki’s “Junko in Love” with 130,296 sales are placed on 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

TVXQ’s 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code” which will be released on March 25th is in challenge to get #1 in ORICON album chart.

10 days before “The Secret Code” release, a pre-release single, “SURVIVOR” was launched. “SURVIVOR” made a smooth start as it was successfully placed on 3rd in ORICON daily chart. Eventhough TVXQ is not successfully breaking their own record for having 6 consecutive #1 in ORICON chart, but for a single that is only launched as pre-release single for an album, it’s not a bad record at all.

source: SPN News
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