Promise translation by: prep_girl_Nessa (also credit: The sky is stretched out in blue, shiny day On this Sunday afternoon darling, walking and holding your hand Talking one at a time on the carphone With the same rhythm and flow, feel so right I wonder if I can be skillful in loving you More than […]


PROUD translation by: prep_girl_Nessa (also credit: I’m going to pass through quickly Well I just wonder which season I’ve already passed I walk passed the scenery I’m already use to seeing I can’t slip away from the far away memories alone like this So that I don’t lost the place that I go to… […]

High Time

High Time translation by: prep_girl_Nessa (also credit: High Time Get ur groovin’ on I’m alright I’m alright I’m OK High Time Get ur groovin’ on I’m alright I’m alright I’m OK 1 chance, how’s your present condition? 2 steps, can you move soon? 3 words, so let’s start this “Gimme you’re love” The things […]


DEAD END translation by: prep_girl_Nessa (also credit: Why you, why do you hang your head in shame Why we tell me it’s ok to love There’s no exit tonight, it’s painful like this, Next to you forever, butterfly, oh I’ll be crazy You, if you have someone else who you like, You, if not, […]

Choosey Lover

Choosey Lover translation by: prep_girl_Nessa (also credit: Your dance appears like a dance from a fallen angel I thank your parents for this important intangible cultural asset I wonder how you knew all the flexible moves In some way or other, I want to add to this competition Nothing comes close but your choosey […]


Sky translation by: prep_girl_Nessa (also credit: Clear weather is across the sky, high above, anywhere I go I hold you hand The inside of our bodies bathe in the light The beat in your heart takes care of all the uproars, let’s make a summer we’ll never forget Because you are here We’re going […]