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I’m going to pass through quickly
Well I just wonder which season I’ve already passed
I walk passed the scenery I’m already use to seeing
I can’t slip away from the far away memories alone like this

So that I don’t lost the place that I go to…
That time I met you

On this street, I met you by chance
Even now I don’t forget, from that day on
Everything, like the sad things, the things I carried in anxiety, everything
Through your warmth changes into memories
Proud of your love

The two shells I picked up
Once again the miracle of being able to meet you
If you let me be by your side
The inside of my heart will begin to have kind feelings

Even if a violent rain is falling
Even in strong winds

I will protect this love
If you are here then surely I can get over this
Because I am beginning to be able to think like this, so that I never loose this hand
Let’s always look towards the important times

On this street, we met by chance
Even now I don’t forget, from that day forward
Living, believing, will this is change into happiness
Forever, let’s walk together
Proud of your love

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