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Hwang Ha Na Revealed To Have Allegedly Bribed Friend To Take Blame In Past Drug Case

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Hwang Ha Na Revealed To Have Allegedly Bribed Friend To Take Blame In Past Drug Case

Apr 8, 2019
by Y. Shin

Hwang Ha Na has been revealed to have allegedly bribed her acquaintance Cho to keep quiet about her own drug usage.

On April 8, MBC’s “Newsdesk” reported that it obtained an important testimony revealing why Hwang Ha Na was not punished for helping supply and administer drugs back in 2015. It was previously revealed that in September 2015, Hwang Ha Na was charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act under suspicions of taking 0.5 grams of Philopon (a form of methamphetamine) with a college student identified by their last name Cho.

In June 2017, Jongno Police Station forwarded her case to the prosecution recommending non-indictment due to lack of evidence, and the prosecution disposed the case as “non-suspicion.” Meanwhile, Cho, who administered the drug with her, was taken to trial and sentenced to a punishment of two years and six months in prison that was suspended for three years.

According to the program, Hwang Ha Na and Cho had been joined by another person identified as Kim during that time. Kim’s acquaintance spoke to MBC and stated that all three of the attendees at this gathering had used drugs that day. Kim’s acquaintance also revealed, “Hwang Ha Na called Cho to her home around 8 p.m. KST, close to 9 p.m. KST.

While handing her cash, [Hwang Ha Na] told [Cho] something along the lines of ‘You take the blame instead.'” Hwang Ha Na allegedly gave Cho 100 million won (approximately $87,424) in cash to hide the fact that she had used drugs as well. The condition was that Cho would carry the drug charges alone, in exchange for the money. Kim’s acquaintance added that Cho would often speak of receiving bags filled with money from Hwang Ha Na.

It was also revealed that during Cho’s ruling, Hwang Ha Na was reported to have administered shots of 0.16 grams of Philopon to Cho’s arm three times. According to an expert, however, 0.16 grams of Philopon is enough to administer to at least three or four adults. The expert further stated that .016 grams would most likely result in death by shock if administered to one person alone.

The police plan to summon Cho for questioning and investigate if she falsely testified that she used drugs herself after receiving money from Hwang Ha Na to cover up the incident.

In addition, police are investigating if Cho and Hwang Ha Na’s cases are related to ones tied to Burning Sun’s former CEO Lee Moon Ho and Burning Sun MD (promoter) Jo, who was arrested for drug-related charges. Lee Moon Ho, who has been suspected of violating the Drug Control Law, previously appeared on a television program as the boyfriend of Cho in 2011.

On April 4, Hwang Ha Na was arrested by the Drug Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency for charges of injecting psychoactive drugs last year. She was detained on April 6 due to concerns that she would flee the country.