By all accounts, it was an outstanding return for JYJ through their live performances in Japan’s famous Tokyo Dome.

On April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, a total of 150,000 fans laughed, screamed, cried, and enjoyed beautiful and emotional performances from the members of JYJ.   The concerts sold out even though they were held on weekdays.

Proving their sustained and massive popularity — even though JYJ weren’t allowed to promote or appear on entertainment shows in Japan for over two years — tickets for all 3 Tokyo Dome appearances completely sold out.  And yes, there will be a DVD available too!

Satoshi Okamoto, the president of Kyodo Yokohama (largest concert production agency in Japan), commented on JYJ’s spectacular showing.

Okamoto said, “We were able to see why JYJ is JYJ. It’s the concert everyone has been waiting for. You can compare it to a concert by Michael Jackson, and the dances are even more splendid and impressive.

Since [JYJ] won its lawsuit [against Avex], they’re drawing more expectations toward their future promotions in Japan. I’m also looking forward to what kind of concert it will put on for its fans.”

VIDEO: In Heaven

Fans from Japan, Korea, and all over the world were in attendance.  According to some twitter chatter, Kara’s Nicole attended one of JYJ’s concerts as well.

Fans in attendance ranged from little kids to older men and women, showing the diversity of their appeal.  Some of them even cosplayed (came dressed as) JYJ members.


Not only did JYJ takeover Tokyo Dome, but also all the surrounding areas outside the venue as tens of thousands of fans were in attendance.  According to tweets, some fans were putting JYJ signs in the windows for their hotel rooms too.

Even South Korean news could no longer completely ignore the stack of accomplishments from JYJ after the excitement around this show.

VIDEO: SBS report

The guys performed together and each one got to perform music from their solo projects.   

VIDEO: Junsu Tarantallegra

According to reports, JYJ is only the 4th foreign (non Japanese) artist in history to perform 3 day sold old concerts in Tokyo Dome.  Michael Jackson, TVXQ and Backstreet Boys are the other 3.


These concerts wouldn’t have been possible just a year ago.  JYJ only recently won their freedom to perform without being interfered with by avex.   

JYJ filed an “activity hindrance prohibition injunction” against avex after avex unilaterally suspended JYJ’s ability to perform or promote any of their projects in all of Japan.  

Throughout the legal battle, avex engaged in what some people called disgraceful behavior.  For example, avex tried their hardest to block JYJ from performing a charity concert to benefit the victims of Japan’s massive tsunami a few years ago.  The CEO of avex even accused the CEO of CJeS as having ties to gangsters.

Just earlier this year, a Court in Japan ruled in JYJ’s favor.  The Court ordered avex to pay them 7.8 Billion Korean Won, and ordered avex to pay CJeS’s CEO an additional 1.1 Million Korean won for defamation of character.

Seeing JYJ sell out Tokyo Dome for 3 concerts without the need of a bunch of different groups — and without needing avex or SM — is a sight to behold.

They have weathered a storm in order to stand on that stage again. And they didn’t disappoint.





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