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In case you forgot: Jaejoong + Rock = AWE.SOME. [AUDIO]

Wha?! Jaejoong is flexing those rock-perfect vocal cords in his new song, “One Kiss”.

In the song, you can clearly hear why fans have been begging him for years to sing more rock music.  When he let’s his voice open up, you hear his clear and piercing voice.

“One Kiss” (hear it now before they snatch it)  was so surprising to me that it seemed too short in duration.  I kept wanting it to be longer.


I’m definitely proud to hear this!  You hear his voice… crying out… loud and strong.  These are not the vocals of that shy little boy who secretly practiced singing when no one was watching so many years ago!

We’re all aware of other assembly-line fluff  which doubles as ‘music’ — an abundance of which you’ll find in Korean pop.  That’s why I’m always impressed when I hear the actual “voice” of the singer in the song he or she is singing.

Jaejoong’s “voice” (by that, I mean his feeling, his emotion, his expression, etc) is conveyed in the new song.

As JYJ  (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) all continue to grow and find more ways of expressing their emotions, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if you’ll hear more rock music from Jaejoong.  (Let’s hope!)


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