JYJ at Tokyo Dome!


Today is the 1st day of multiple performances JYJ will be holding in Japan at the famous Tokyo Dome.

Update #1: Here

Update #2: Here

Update #3: Here

All concerts have been sold out and fans are waiting for a show.  Its been years since JYJ was also to stand on that stage without hindrances from avex, the Japanese entertainment company which JYJ defeated in court recently.

We’ll all be keeping an eye on the social media networks for updates.





Update #1: Beautiful show of love for JYJ in the Tokyo Dome for their 1st performance sinced defeating avex in court. JYJ was given a ‘Cherry Blossom colored ocean’ from the Japanese fans.


The guys were emotional, according to fan reports coming out about the concert. Fans were on their feet, showing love and waiting for an encore.




Update 2: More photos of that beautiful show

 tokyodomeP904022013tokyodomeP404022013 tokyodomeP504022013tokyodomeP604022013tokyodomeP704022013tokyodomeP804022013


Update 3: Junsu solo at JYJ Tokyo Dome concert


tokyodomeP1004022013 tokyodomeP1104022013 tokyodomeP1204022013 tokyodomeP1304022013

Fans who were luck enough to get tickets, please enjoy and smile enough for all of us too! 🙂


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