More Yoochunnie Goodness: Yoochun set for Attic King drama JYJ


Will there be more Yoochunnie goodness on your tv screens (in Korea)?  Why yes, according to new reports out of Korea about a new project for GigglyPoo (Yoochun).

The JYJ member has reportedly announced his involvement with a new SBS drama currently titled “Attic King”.

Yoochun (Yoocheon :P) will have the part of the male lead as apparently agreed to by the producers of the drama.   No word yet on who will play the female lead along side him.

The description of the drama is very amusing too!  Apparently Yoochun will play a Chosun Dynasty prince who leaps forward in time 300 years only to run into a woman resembling his crown Princess.  But seriously, can you imagine a Prince from back then trying to use a Smartphone??

In addition, since this is an SBS drama, it will make Yoochun one of the only actors to have starring roles in dramas from the 3 major Korean broadcasters: SKKS (KBS), Miss Ripley (MBC) and now Attic King (SBS).


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