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CJeS, the company managing JYJ, plans to sue ‘Dispatch’ for defamation and invasion of privacy. While the trio were on their way as the first Korean solo act ever to perform sold out concerts in Chile and Peru, ‘Dispatch’ released a heavily edited recording of Jaejoong confronting the sasaeng.

Not only was the recording made without their knowledge but ‘Dispatch’ allegedly made no attempt to get any information from members of JYJ about the incident. Dispatch seemingly was not interested in why Jaejoong (or any other member) was upset with whoever he was talking to in the recording.

According to fans who watched/read about the report, ‘Dispatch’ seemed to portray Jaejoong in particular like he was purposely bullying and cursing a fan for no reason.

The sasaeng are infamous for stalking famous stars. Among other things, they have sexually harassed members of JYJ, broken into places where they were staying, put GPS trackers on their cars, stolen their social security numbers, impersonated them to access phone messages.

There are reports that someone or group of people installed monitoring equipment in the parking garage where Yoochun parks his car, and even set up surveillance to watch him when he leaves his house.

Some reports say friends who called member’s numbers would get calls from random people asking why they were calling JYJ’s phone.

On that recording, if Jaejoong was responding to a sasaeng after being harassed himself by that person or persons, ‘Dispatch’ apparently didn’t care to report it.

The attorney representing JYJ, Sejong, said the recording was made illegally and released without confirmation:

“The file was illegally recorded. Releasing the file without confirming it with the party involved is considered defamation and an invasion of privacy.”

CJes is reportedly ready to take this to court. CJeS called the Dispatch report “malicious” and says that the reports are intended to harm the members of JYJ.

From the translated report:

‘Dispatch’ published these malicious articles specifically to harm the members of JYJ. We have decided to take legal actions because we could no longer sit and watch these defamatory articles.

… We have already prepared the documentations needed to sue for libel and will submit it to the court sometime today. The members of JYJ are still trying to recover from Park Yoo Chun’s father’s passing, and we simply cannot understand why anyone would want to release such things during this time.

The timing of the report was suspicious to observers who suspect SM is involved or those affiliated with someone (people) at SM was involved in pushing this report.

JYJ are still in a dispute with their former management company, SM Entertainment. Since they left, they’ve been blackballed from Korean and Japanese television to promote any of their projects; including dramas or special promotions.

Although JYJ’s side has won on several issues around their unfair, lopsided contract with SM, a final verdict has yet to be made. And as long as the Courts haven’t made a decision, broadcasters afraid of angering SM can use the pending case as a reason to keep JYJ off the air.

But despite that, JYJ’s popularity is continuing to skyrocket most notably with international fans like the ones in Chile and Peru. SM can’t stop, threaten or bribe all media in all other countries from covering JYJ even if they wanted to.

In other news, almost 20,000 signatures were collected on a petition in Japan demanding “freedom in Japanese activities” for JYJ. Like with SM in Korea, avex in Japan also shut out JYJ from appearing on Japanese TV. The petition was sent to reps. of CJes who are handling the legal dispute with avex.


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