KBS trying to re-brand JYJ success as `kpop` success


jyj f you kbs
Screw you, KBS, for trying to white wash the fact that JYJ, as independent artists, were the first Korean group ever to perform solo for thousands of South Americans.

The power that drew thousands of people in Chile and Peru (most of whom can’t speak Hangul (Korean)) was JYJ’s talent. It was NOT due to a glossed-over, non specific love of “kpop” or a marketing slogan like “hallyu wave”.

In their reporting, KBS repeatedly referred to JYJ’s concert as a “kpop” concert, referred to JYJ as a “kpop” group, and referred to their fan’s love as a “love for kpop”.  Fans who watched the report say KBS mentioned “kpop” over 25 times, while only mentioning “JYJ” twice, as if the artist didn’t matter.

KBS is trying to convince the Korean public, in many people’s opinion, that JYJ was not successful because they are uniquely talented, but only because of the hallyu wave marketing campaign.

The fact is JYJ is uniquely talented and their struggles with their own country’s entertainment industry has put a bright spotlight on the asinine way in which the industry is structured.

Here’s a newsflash for KBS: You can’t write off JYJ’s specific success in South America as if it was achieved by some random ‘kpop’ group owned by Korean entertainment companies.

The members of JYJ are making music from their own perspective as Koreans, but it has nothing to do with a “kpop” industry run by people like the ones KBS are too afraid to stand up against.

Thousands of people in Peru and Chile WEREN’T screaming “kpop” at the top of their lungs during those concerts a few days ago. They were screaming “JYJ!”.

Those thousands of Chilean and Peruvian people WEREN’T singing songs written by “kpop”. They were singing songs written by JYJ.

They DIDN’T sleep outside to get tickets for hours because of ‘kpop’. They were doing it for JYJ.

They DIDN’T sleep in an airport for hours waiting for “kpop” to arrive. They did it for JYJ.

They WEREN’T holding up signs reading ‘kpop’. They were holding up signs reading “JYJ”; signs with JYJ members’ faces; signs reading “Xiah”, “Jaejoong” and “Yoochun”.

Maybe those who run Korean entertainment don’t understand how international markets work. Here’s a test: Switch out Justin Beiber for any ole random white kid who can sing a little and watch how his fanbase rips you a part.

KBS is acting as if anybody could have replaced JYJ with a random kpop group and it would have been the same type of pandemonium in South American. That’s bull$hit.

What happened in Chile and Peru was specific to JYJ. Period.

In KBS’s own report, one fan said, “It is worthy if I can see them from close. I saved money and borrowed some from my friend.” She didn’t say she wanted to see “kpop” up close. She did that because of JYJ, not because of some random ‘kpop’ group.

The members of JYJ are not allowed to be on KBS or other Korean stations seemingly because these broadcasters are afraid of the company JYJ left (SM Entertainment) due to dubious and unfair business practices.

JYJ are currently in a legal battle with SM and all Korean broadcasters are currently falling in line like good little soldiers while using the legal dispute as an excuse to keep JYJ off of Korean and Japanese TV.

There are a few standout examples of companies who understand the value of JYJ and set it above any personal intimidation or kpop ownership loyalties. But they are few.

However, when JYJ makes huge international gains the Korean media — and in this case KBS — attempts to snatch that accomplishment and label it a “kpop” accomplishment.

The idiots at KBS have already burned their bridge to JYJ when they booted them from the ‘New 7 Wonders of the World’ concert. And from reports, the concert with JYJ’s replacements (replacements provided by SM Entertainment) was a failure. Oops.

To many international observers, there is a total and abject failure of most Korean based broadcasters and other media companies to stand up for fairness and against antiquated, old-world-style intimidation and ownership of their artists.

Despite this, JYJ members have forged their own path, created their own music, created an infrastructure to support their creativity and are succeeding in international markets.

So its incredibly insufferable and hateful for those same sorry-a$$ broadcasters, who purposely support a Korean old-world-style of entertainment, to try to take a part of those accomplishments as if those kpop owners had anything AT ALL to do with JYJ’s current successes.

JYJ aren’t currently successful because of the kpop industry. They are breaking records in the international field DESPITE kpop industry owners, like SM and KBS. They are successful in spite of being blocked in Korea. Thousands of people are learning to speak Hangul despite the way JYJ are being treated by the kpop industry.

JYJ has done much more for Korean culture internationally than many of the wimps who are part of kpop and the Korean entertainment industry.

What these wimps are most afraid of is admitting that artists can build an incredibly loyal fanbase and succeed without the controls instituted by these controlling company heads.

To admit JYJ’s success is tantamount for them to admit that artists who control their own music, their own image, and their own lives can work.

Kpop owners need young impressionable people (some whom are desperate to succeed in music) to believe they cannot become successful without putting a big media company in total control of their money and their lives.

JYJ is a walking contradiction to that antiquated Korean entertainment system. And KBS would sooner cut out their tongues before admitting it right now.

Things will ultimately come to a head as more kpop owners try to place their slaves artists into international markets where fans aren’t used to their fav. artist being on such a tight leash without adequate compensation.

International markets are far from perfect, but most have long ago abandoned their master-slave setups where they have total control over their artists’ lives: how long they sleep, what they invest in, where they live, who their friends are, who their manager is, ridiculous profit splits, etc.

KBS seemingly wants to report about South American success, but without JYJ. Their problem is that you CANNOT talk about the first major Korean successes in South America without JYJ.

These sorry a$$ wimps may do everything in their power to blunt JYJ’s name, but they won’t be able to snatch JYJ’s success and rename it a “kpop” success. The “kpop” industry turned on JYJ a long time ago. And JYJ is walking forward to success without it.

And to paraphrase the infamous Tami from Basketball Wives: F*** you KBS… and the SM-backed horse you rode in on.

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