Junsu’s Uncommitted, his first english language single, ranks first on the Czech MTV Wishlist.

Back in January, JYJ’s  ‘Get Out’ ranked 1st on that same chart.

Uncommitted has 1.2 million views at youtube.com so far.

The writer of the song, Bruce Automatic Vanderveer gave an interview about working with the 25 year old.

“I gotta tell you. Junsu is an amazing artist. I already liked his voice. That was the one thing that sold us. We knew he was going to do a great job,” Automatic said.

The producer also praised Junsu for his epic work ethic and ability to grasp onto the english language and pronunciations very quickly.

He told Asia Pacific Arts:
“What we didn’t know was how disciplined he was, what kind of work ethic he had, which is ridiculously tremendous. We started early afternoon, and within a couple of hours, he had the song down.  I wanted to give him breaks at times, but he didn’t even want them.  He just wanted to keep going.  He’s such a workaholic, a tremendously talented one at that.  And we had a ball.  It was fun. We laughed, we joked, we worked hard.”

Uncommitted is about a guy who’s a “player” finally meeting the woman of his dreams, but she leaves him because she doesn’t think he’s ready for a real relationship.

Even fanboys like the vid, including “DaehyunSaysWHAT” at youtube. (Junsu is his bias, by the way 🙂 )

He loved it and gave Junsu props because his english pronunciation has improved.

“I loved it.  He sang the hell out of that song,” DaehyunSaysWHAT said.

He certainly isn’t the only  one!

Junsu has performed the song to screaming crowds as part of his North American and South American leg of his solo tour.



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