LA Weekly: Junsu Performs for Thousands in Los Angeles Update #1


Junsu performed for thousands of fans last night in Los Angeles, just days after performing in New York for his solo concert project.  

The Hollywood Palladium was rocking with what one review noted as “doe eyed girls”.  LA Weekly did a write up of the show as well.  The erroneous impression of ‘repeated label hopping’ aside, the only real complaint in the writeup was apparently the sound system.

The writer called Junsu “a theatre geek trapped in a pop star’s body”.  I don’t think anything negative was meant by that. lol! Junsu is very much a theatrical performer and has won awards in South Korea for those skills, as we all know.

LA Weekly:
“Like Michael Jackson, to whom he is often compared, Kim proved to be a commanding performer, carrying a bit of sexuality, but also naiveté. In his bashful interactions with the crowd you almost couldn’t believe this was the guy whose trademark move is the pantomimed doggy style.”

Awesomeness.  Whoever will be the first Korean superstar to break big in the U.S. will have to have their own totally separate, but unique and inviting style.  Junsu is not merely the “Asian version of ….” some random American star.  He (as well and his two other group members for that matter) is proving to be his own unique entity.

The LA Weekly writer also says Junsu’s unique combo of “androgyny” with “masculine prowess” gives him a particular allure.  Tarantallegra, to this writer, was the standout performance who called it a “rumbling hybrid of pop-meets-classical.”

Reportedly, White House official Tony Babauta as well as Korean American politician Tina Park was in attendance.   Babauta is the Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs and Park is on the Los Angeles Education Committee. 

“K-Pop has been garnering much attention throughout the world lately. I think Tony and I just had a great experience watching XIA performing. As a Korean, I am so proud of tonight’s concert. I would love to support XIA throughout his American career,” Park commented

While Junsu was in California, he also dropped by the CJeS talent search auditions much to the delight of the crowd.

Junsu’s next performance will be in South America where he will rock Mexico City on September 6.

Set list of the LA show via LA Weekly:
No Gain
Set Me Free
You Are So Beautiful
Even If I Know
Round and Round
Last Dance
I Am Song
Why Not Love Me
I Hate Love
Dew Tree

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