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Feb 4: Happy Birthday to Jaejoong


jaejoong 021
‘Good boy’ Jaejoong took his first breath on Feb 4 even though he celebrates it at the end of Jan.  

I was looking at baby pictures of him,  and I can’t help but love those adorable cheeks of his.  He must not have gotten any rest from people who wanted to pinch them.  (He really was the King of Cheeks, right!)  Maybe that’s why he’s so affectionate?

jaejoong 0goodboy
But also on Feb 4, Jaejoong cried for the first time.  I can only wish his time spent shedding tears remains as scarce as possible, and that the tears already shed served to release stress or express love in order to make him stronger.

He opened his eyes and saw the world for the first time also. I can only hope he hasn’t seen too many harsh things, and that the difficult realities he has experienced served only to make him more empathetic.

And to Jaejoong:  If you feel a tug on your red string of destiny, don’t be surprised if it’s coming from 5 different people: your 4 brothers and your destined mate.


Now if only you would sing more rock music…. aigoo….  🙂

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Happy birthday to Jaejoongie Poongie Pudding Pie.

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