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Well, looks like we’re not the only ones who are addicted to certain Korean dramas.  Miles Fowler, whose bio and LinkdIn page says he’s a writer and former editor, gave a shoutout to the Korean period drama, Dr. Jin.  

Despite Fowler’s political views, its nice that there are people outside of the direct Asian community or fans of JYJ around the world who think the drama is fascinating.

Dr. Jin is the Korean version of a Japanese drama called “Jin”.  The drama takes place during the Joseon Kingdom in Korea… before there was a North Korea and a South Korea for those who are utterly unfamiliar. Jaejoong played the role of Kim KyungTak  (lastname,firstname) in the series.

Fowler said he tends to favor “sci fi/historical” dramas like Joseon X Files and names Dr. Jin as his “favorite Korean TV series”.   

Fowler then goes on to tell about the storyline of the drama itself, something I won’t repost out of respect for people who haven’t seen it all yet (like me).

Here’s the most relevant parts:
 Speaking of time-travel, my favorite Korean TV series is “Dr. Jin.” I do not know whether “Joseon X-Files” has origins in other media, but “Dr. Jin” (aka, “Time Slip Dr. Jin” or “Dak-teo Jin”) is a Korean version of a Japanese television series called simply “Jin,” (2009-2011) and it, in turn, is based on a Japanese graphic novel (manga) of the same title by Murakami Motoka. So this story has been told and elaborated before. Still, the Korean version is the only one with which I am familiar; so I am understandably partial to it.

“Dr. Jin,” like “Joseon X-Files,” is set during the long-running Joseon Kingdom but more than two hundred years later than “Joseon X-Files.” Revise that: since this is an all-out time travel tale, it begins in the early twenty-first century when crack neurosurgeon, Jin Hyuk (Song Seung-hun), pining over the loss of his fiancée (Park Min-young), is mysteriously transported back to 1860. Not much has changed since the seventeenth century. The hats are the same and the commander of the imperial police, Kim Kyung-tak (Kim Jae-joong) is the only person who carries a firearm—and it’s an eighteenth century flintlock.
… “

Jaejoong got a name check!   

Miles Fowler was editor at Standard and Poor’s Register  for 9 years and owns the blog Prosthetic God.




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