1500 Lucky Japanese Fans Will See Jaejoong on Set of Timeslip Dr Jin Drama


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1,500 Japanese fans will get to see Jaejoong on the set of his current drama Time Slip Dr Jin July 22 2012.

Time Slip Dr. Jin is a South Korean adaptation of a Japanese manga called “Jin” written by Motoka Murakami.  It also had a Japanese live action movie which aired in Japan back in 2009.

JYJ is super-popular in Japan despite being blackballed by Japanese entertainment company avex (which has direct ties with SM Entertainment).

This isn’t anything new for JYJ.  They regularly attract thousands of non-Korean fans to South Korea with almost any public activity in which they’re involved.

The JYJ Expo or ‘Membership Week’ event alone pulled in thousands of non-Korean fans and increased South Korea’s tourism roles. (1)  At least 7,000 Japanese fans came to the JYJ Expo and fan meetings.

Last summer (June 2011), JYJ turned Pusan, South Korea into “JYJTown” as thousands and thousands of non Korean fans flew in to see the concert at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium, which gave the venue its highest profit in 10 years. (2)

With this fan event, JYJ continues to cement the relationship between the members and the fans in the face of a number of obstacles thrown in their path by powerful entertainment companies scared of getting on SM’s bad-side by allowing JYJ on the air.

As part of previous hearings in the case between SM and JYJ, the Court in South Korea has already ruled the ‘exclusive contract’ to be void, according to recent reports.

There is nothing legally stopping any broadcast station from allowing JYJ on their entertainment shows.  They are seemingly afraid of a SM vengefully stopping other SM artists from appearing on their shows as a consequence.

Jaejoong, for example, isn’t allowed to go on any entertainment show to promote his Time Slip Dr. Jin drama.  Ironically, that hasn’t stopped the drama from being in the Top 3.

CJeS is aware of the importance of keeping JYJ connected to its fans.  CJeS thinks that contentment can cause an artist’s popularity to fall and because of this, they will continue to encourage the members to grow by trying all kinds of activities.  That includes dramas, concerts and musicals; all of which members of JYJ have been involved.

From a Naver report (3):

“Popularity can drop no matter how high it is if one falls into a state of contentment because of it or uses their artists’ popularity for commercial reasons. This is the reason why the members are encouraged to grow and mature through activities like dramas, musicals, and more importantly, their world tour. I believe that JYJ’s evolution is making a positive influence on Hallyu, and that JYJ is becoming a cultural representative of Korea.”



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