JYJ was looking grown and sexy at their latest public appearance to kick off JYJ Membership Week at the JYJ Expo Fan Event.

My tline lit up when the pics hit the internet! Fans are set to have a great time at the event.

Yoocheon (Yoochun) couldn’t be at the opening ceremony because of an eye infection (ouch! get well soon!) Though he wanted to participate, the staff reportedly persuaded him not to.  He later toured the Expo with the members.

JYJ Expo is a fan oriented event reportedly running over the span of 4 days starting June 28 (June 27 our time) “for JYJ membership holders” at Setec Convention Hall in Southern Seoul (South Korea).

Not only will there be South Korean fans, but fans from all over Asia attending this Expo.  Some 7,000 are expected to fly in from Japan alone… and that’s only from the lucky Japanese fans who got chosen from the 15,000 who submitted entries.

Some of the features of this event include large scale galleries, 2 days of fan meetings between the guys and the fans (June 30 and July 1), videos, “trick art exposition”, and “a number of specially prepared sights”.

Back when the event was first announced, a representative from CJeS Entertainment, the managing company for JYJ’s various projects, said:
“The event will be on a scale like no other Hallyu- related events that have taken place before. It will be a new chapter in Korean tourism”

There is a natural, priceless buzz created just by the shear force of JYJ’s talent.  International fans are hot for JYJ and thousands of them are expected to fly into South Korea just for this event.

The massive interested in all things JYJ is also spurred by the blacklisting they’ve endured from the regular Korean Entertainment industry because they left SM Entertainment and is currently suing them for unfair contract terms and dodgy business practices.

The members are busy at their individual activities as well.  Jaejoong is currently starring in the drama Timeslip Dr. Jin which is pulling fairly high ratings, often placing it in the Top 3.    

Junsu is burning up the stage holding sold out concerts around Asia to promote his solo project Tarantallegra.

Sweet Yoocheon just wrapped up a staring role in the hit drama Rooftop Prince, which is one of the best Korean dramas I’ve seen, by the way.

Here’s Jaejoong’s tweet about the event:
C-Jes family, thank you for working so hard ,and we hope the fans will have a fun time~ We were so upset after seeing Yoon Chun’s face, but when we toured the museum, we were all smiles. Don’t worry too much!”

Have fun and congratulations!


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