Q and A with Kim Junsu.

Please excuse any grammatical errors made by original translator

Q. How do you feel about releasing your first solo album?

A. First, I released an album with the name XIA. Making the album was difficult for me because it was first solo album in 8 years. Most of all, it is fairly burdonsome to fill every track only with my voice. Yet, it was pleasure to sing music genres that I hoped to do. Not a sigle day has passed without pressure and concerns but, on the other hand, everyday my heart flutters because of my anticipated album.

The new album by Junsu (Xia) is hot hot hot in Japan and other countries despite the way in which JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have been temporarily blackballed from promoting their projects on TV and radio.

The singer/songwriter's solo project, 'Tarantallegra',  quickly gained the #1 spot on Japan's iTunes, above Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and other international artists. Industry members say the orders for the album are through the roof.  

Junsu's artistic flare is on high display for Tarantallegra, both the album and the single.   The video for Tarantallegra has over 2.3 million hits on Youtube just a few days after release and showcases an androgynous, sexy aura.