You Are Mine

Divorce. Why would people get married if it would end up with a divorce in the end? What is the role of love when the percentage of divorce in married couples is increasing? Why is there such thing as maintaining world peace when in our own backyard, we are fighting every moment?

“Stupid adults…they think they know everything!” I muttered to myself as I walk down the hallway.

Let me proudly introduce myself. I am Max Changmin, going to be 18 this year, and unfortunately is going through some ‘family problems’ (if that is what you want to call it!). My parents are divorce and dad left without even saying goodbye to me (which really hurts because I love him so much!). Since I’m a brat (my mom calls me that!), I have to attend a new college altogether in a new town to what my mom said, starting afresh (yea right, like I am ever going to have a new life!).

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