Transcript: KBS 9 News Report Abt JYJ

The popularity of JYJ, the group formed by members of Dong Bang Shin Ki who left is soaring. In addition, since this success came about after the controversy surrounding their slave contracts, the public response is hotter still. Here is the report by reporter Cho Il Soo.

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who exited Dong Bang Shin Ki, have gone on stage on national TV for the first time as JYJ. In addition, 1 and a half years after exposing their slave contracts. Their first concert, held November last year, attracted 35,000 fans and they are planning a world tour covering 10 countries that will start in March of this year. Yoochun, who has acted in a drama received the Best Rookie Award at the Drama Awards and Junsu will stand again on the musical stage. These men are garnering all the more attention from the public because this success follows their fight against their 10-year exclusive ‘slave contracts’.

<excerpt Jaejoong (JYJ)>: It is our wish that all artists can be active in a favourable environment and system…

Although their activities in Japan and abroad as well as broadcast appearances have been restricted due to the consequences of their lawsuit [against their agency, SM], they are currently still able to remain relevant without an entertainment agency (the kind like SM, YG, etc) or exclusive contract. Experts in the industry echo JYJ’s postion that the unfair relations between the singer and his/her agency needs to be remedied.

<expert interview, Seong Woo Jin (Popular music critic)>: I think that there must be changes in the negotiation of income distribution and the contract length. There is a need to examine once again the problems in the industry regarding contracts…

It is the current reality that the power and influence of big entertainment companies is growing. While JYJ have been able to defy this reality thanks to their phenomenal fame, the majority of artists cannot break through this wall easily. KBS News, Cho Il Soo.

Translated by: Jimmie


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