Yoocheon! It’s his birthday today, June 4.  His red lips, high work ethic and charming personality has made him one of the most highly praised performers in Asia. 

He’s funny, quick to laughter, and shows his emotions quite easily. His commercial-quality, advertiser-friendly good looks has garnered a fair amount of attention as well.

He taught himself how to play the piano, then taught his fellow member, Jaejoong.  All three members play piano, along with writing their own music.

Chunface, as he’s called affectionately, is currently shooting a drama, on tour in the U.S., and is the selected spokesman for TiO.  He is 1/3 of the group JYJ, who are cutting their own path to success despite everything.

I hope Yoocheon laughs a lot on his birthday and is taken care of very well by his fellow members. 🙂




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