To Jaejoong on Jan 26 2011

I think Jaejoong’s real birthday is Feb 4, so I will celebrate in my own way at that time. However, he does celebrate it on Jan 26, so I was thinking about him today.  And this metaphor-riddled piece came out. Can you see all the metaphors contained below? (dude, don’t steal or take out without a link back to this page).

Pale as clouds swaying to an unknown heart, moving silent and hiding itself no longer,
Rising and falling and rising again, he contains the spirit of the 3 ideals, iiko Jaejoong,

A bright sky, a light with hope and fear, aligned with round continuous pride,
And cuts so deep as to amaze a confused pair of trees,
He moves across the open sky, a clear wind of gorgeous tilt and silky breeze,

He finds the pattern of his voice, a roaring fire of burned wonder,
And inked in permanent scripture, an essay to love gained and lost,
A past as burned into him as anything else, iiko Jaejoong,

Standing before him and ashamed of myself for not being as good,
While crying for a reason to be near, any excuse any preparation to undertake,
He changes people into being something else, and even without a kiss,
He changes me into something else: a mass who wants to be… and to experience…
and to live a life of someone extraordinary, iiko Jaejoong,

While staring at this pale, cloudy heart, moving silent and building itself a warm place to thrive,
A heart connected in ways beyond control, to care and feel protective of one who is unknown to me,

And shoulders wide and strong as if built to take Atlas’s load,
he can bear any burden well and hide it deep… and hurt silently, iiko Jaejoong,

And still walk proud and upright, an outstanding man ablaze in a beat so deep, so far from you,

He whose life and breath pours forth in appalled wonder, in 5, then 1, then 3 and 2,
I love the fight he possess, to look through his smile and see a boxer who can give better than he takes,
An upside down triangle built for battle and play, he forms a mass of amorphous beauty and surrounds us like water, iiko Jaejoong

What would I tell that raven-haired kid whose smiling and golden in spite of everything,
He smiles and through his pale cloud, he teaches how to feel, how to grow and how to change,
Iiko Jaejoong, happy… be happy.




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