Manly Yoohwan, Girly Yoocheon? Haha! Little Bro is teasing his hyung

Park Yoohwan exposed his older brother Park Yoochun’s secret.

“His only flaw is that he is excessively tidy.” He said, when asked about (Yoochun’s) bad points. After thinking for a while, he said “Hmm, there really seems to be nothing,” then he laughed and continued, “Maybe he’s just perfect?”

Finally, he thought of something; he briefly explained, “At home, my brother will notice when a hair is dropped. Sometimes, when I use a cup and I leave it on the table he will tell me to clean it up quickly.” He said this, but it isn’t at the level of obsession. “His(Yoochun’s) like for cleanliness is just a little tiring,” he said.

When asked about the difference between him and his brother, he said, “My brother is more feminine and I’m more masculine,” and “My brother is good at tidying and putting things in order, and he likes to decorate the house, while he is more delicate, I just wear what people recommend, and I’m not interested in fashion. I’m a bit more cool and chic” he said.

With a manly character, Park Yoohwan, who gained confidence while acting said, “When I was in elementary school, my brother and I shared a room together. He’d always try to sleep interlocking arms with me, and it wasn’t just once or twice that I was a bit annoyed by that.”

Park Yoohwan took his first step in acting, in the MBC weekend drama “Shiny Shiny Shining.” He plays “Han Seo Woo,” the young uncle of Jung Won (Han Hyun Joo). Because he is ranked higher in the family, he is an interesting character that gets to rebuke his nieces and nephews who are older than him, but he is also laden with an emotional burden.

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