Kukinews calls for Knee Drop Guru to give equal time for JYJ

Kukinews’s Cho Hyun Woo wrote an article calling for the Korean show “Knee Drop Guru” to give JYJ equal time to tell their side after allowing the 2 members who sided with SM to criticize JYJ for filing a lawsuit.

Many are questioning why JYJ continues to be blocked from appearing on Korean television shows despite more than one ruling from the Courts saying that SM shall not interfere with their work.

Among the biting criticism of the show in general was a call for Knee Drop Guru to give JYJ their fair share of time to rebutt words from Yunho, for example, who claims he had no idea JYJ would file to sue SM.  He called the lawsuit “extreme” according to translated reports and said the action essentially ruined their upcoming projects.

Fans, of course, have very long memories and immediately dug out information reportedly showing that Yunho’s claim couldn’t possibly have been true.  In light of that, a large number of complaints have apparently been leveled at the TVXQ2 show.

According to the translated report:

Neither the efforts to cast the guest nor the proper attitude to communicate with the guest could be found on the show. TVXQ has been reorganized into a duo due to the recent legal dispute between JYJ and SME over the exclusive contract and have been making tremendous number of appearances on the national TV networks. The words are out that SME is promoting the band as if SME’s life depended on it. A TV commercial for the promotion for the new album was unprecedentedly aired on national TV channels.

So in addition to NOT having the 3 members on the show to talk about this issue, the creators took special efforts that were seemingly out of the ordinary way in which they do things.  The show normally focuses on hard to get celebrities or people who have been out of the spotlight.

According to the translated report, most entertainment shows “choose to keep silent about an on-going legal dispute since they cannot be free” from being criticized for one-sided reporting.  But not only did Knee Drop Guru NOT stay out of it, but also only presented one side of the issue.

More from the translated report:

The problem is that even the general public who has no interest in the JYJ situation that divided TVXQ into ’2VXQ’ and ’3VXQ’ is starting to lean toward the partiality theory.

Remedy to the situation is rather very simple: allow JYJ an opportunity to object.

The translated article concludes that if Knee Drop Guru does not cast JYJ for an appearance, the public can freely conclude that there is in fact pressure from SM to keep JYJ off of Korean television.


Read full article here: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?page=1&gCode=all&arcid=0004703185&cp=du

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