All initial 70,000 copies of a special edition of JYJ’s `In Heaven` are completely sold out.   The special edition of the album was JYJ’s way to thank fans for their continued support.   CJeS reports that they have received a flood of requests for more copies.

The main album, `In Heaven`, has sold a quarter of a million (250,000) albums despite the trio being blackballed by entertainment broadcasters who are afraid of upsetting SM Entertainment in Korea.  JYJ are currently in a legal dispute SM, their former management agency.

`In Heaven` contains music, lyrics and concepts created by the members themselves who have taken the reigns of their own musical direction.

According to translated reports, JYJ statements about the music includes the following:
“As these are songs that we wrote ourselves, the remix versions are even more special.This year, be it those who hope to have a sensitive, delicate year-end, or those who are at a party with their friends, we hope that everyone can enjoy the remixed songs comfortably, and with our new music, spend a warm winter together with your loved ones. “

Another translation includes:
“We feel that the remix versions are more meaningful because they are all self-composed songs. For those who want an emotional winter at the end of this year, these songs have been revived so that they can be comfortably listened to in a close party setting with friends.”

For its part, CJeS says:
“As this is a special edition album and not an actual album, having a situation of such a high level of demand is extraordinary in the music industry. To thank the fans for their never-ending support, we will continue to use various opportunities to give back to the fans for their love”


Source mat.:
My Daily (nate)
Star News via Naver



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