JYJ ‘s message to the people of Japan who are suffering so much

From JYJ

Hello. This is JYJ.

We are not sure how to begin.

Due to an unexpected disaster,  many in Japan are deep in sorrow and fear, and we know that among them  are our dear fans, and our hearts very much ache. We pray for those  people who passed away due to the earthquake on Friday and for the  safety of those who are still missing.

We were moved by Japan’s calm  response in the face of the terror of the disaster. We believe that the  current disaster is not only the sadness of Japan but of all humankind.  If we all have hope and courage, we believe that the clouds will soon  disappear and the sun will shine again.

On the day of the earthquake, being  in Tokyo, we were extremely shocked. Therefore, we are worried about the  safety of the missing Japanese people and the Korean-Japanese. We are  checking the bulletins of the press and are keeping watch. Please take  heart despite the hardship. We, JYJ, are with you. We want to add to  your strength.
We hope to meet with the Japanese fans soon. We wish to meet you all. And, we love you.

Source Mat: C-JeS
Trans: JYJ3

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