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“I’ll Protect You” by Jaejoong to premiere on Episode 3 of Boss Drama

jaejoong 014
Jaejoong wrote the lyrics for and sang a song, “I’ll Protect You”, which will appear as part of the OST for the drama Korean “Protect the Boss”. 

Jaejoong is also one of the costars of the romantic comedy playing the role of Cha Mu Won.

The song will premiere reportedly during episode 3 of the drama, which itself has been doing very well in the ratings.  The first two episodes pulled in 12.1% (14.5% Seoul) and 14.7% (17.8% Seoul) respectively.

A quote from a member of the production crew was released as well:
“We finished recording the OST successfully, in which Jaejoong used an expressive voice that was only expected from a JYJ member.”

Initially feelings about the drama are positive as well, and many are looking forward to see how the story progresses.

Protect the Boss is the first Korean drama with Jaejoong as one of the lead characters.

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