JYJ were deeply moved when they made their appearance on the news and received a birthday cake!
At the news studio a surprise birthday party had unfolded!

While JYJ had been making their appearance on MBN news, the staff at the news studio had prepared a shocking surprise in order to congratulate Jaejoong’s birthday.
When the cake made this sudden appearance, the three members were quite surprised but immediately starting expressing their thanks and the three of them together laughed with bright smiles.

As Jaejoong was congratulated for his birthday, Jaejoong told us that this was his first time receiving a birthday cake during a broadcast and was not quite able to hide his bewilderment!

Some JYJ fans who had been watching over this broadcast had complained that the cake was too small, but there were others that showed a surprised and pleased reaction that a cake had been prepared during broadcast even though it had not been a entertainment program but a news program.

The PD of the studio said that he had wanted to present JYJ with a special memories so he had prepared a cake for them. He also explained that he had prepared a small cake so that JYJ would be properly filmed by the cameras.

While three members were featured in a television program after a long time, they introduced their new music essay “Their Room-Our Story” that had recently been released, and also talked about the the experiences with acting.

During the question and answer corner, Junsu was chosen as the member with the most charm, and that if Jaejoong was ever in a grumpy mood this mood would be prolonged for a long time. It was these kinds of inside stories of wit and humour that created a harmonious atmosphere.

The three spoke about their future activities, starting with a World Tour Concert for their English album, and also said that this year they wanted plan a lively year with activities.

Junsu also showed off his strong friendship with his members when talking about how he had decided that all three of them would all go together to see the musical “Tears of Heaven”.

Becoming an independent group from Dong Bang Shin Gi, they have of course been continuing their music, and have also been freely participating in areas such as musicals to which we all look forward to!

credit: mbn.co.kr
trans by: sharingyoochun.net



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