Junsu re-ups for another musical: Elizabeth the Musical


Everyone’s new favorite musical actor, Junsu, has snagged another role in a high profile musical.   The high pitched dynamo will play the role of “Death” in the musical “Elizabeth”.

His character reportedly has a love/hate relationship with the Empress Elizabeth of Austria.   The musical isn’t scheduled to start until Feb 9, but tickets go on sale Nov 25.

This isn’t Junsu’s first go-round in the musical world.  He is a critically acclaimed musical actor after having roles in ‘Mozart’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’.  His performances in both musicals drew praise from international composers like Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde) and Sylvester Levay (Mozart!)

The 24 year old also is responsible for contributing to the enormous amount of tickets sold for both these musicals.

In addition, last year he won the Best Male Rookie Award, while this year he won the Most Popular Male Star award at the Korea Musical Awards.

“Can You Hear Me” (From Tears of Heaven)

2010 Korea Musical Awards

Like his other two group members, Junsu is making his way into the acting world his own way and on his own terms.


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