Happy Birthday to Junsu & Junho


Yes it is JYJ’s youngest member, along with his fraternal twin brother Junho, who are celebrating their birthday!  

Junsu, who is actually way too cute to be a grown man,  turns 25 (Western) this year and is gearing up for the musical ‘Elisabeth’.

Junsu has quickly become known as JYJ’s ‘cat lady’ after he acquired a number of kitties whose names we’ve become familiar with; Leo, Pard, and Bakira to name a few.

Junsu is also known for his golden voice, dubbed the best in Korea.  He is, of course, much more modest than to admit that outright….  at least not without one of those great loud laughs he belts outs.
His brother, Junho, is known as ‘Buddah’ by Junsu because of his temperment. 🙂

balloons dongbagner19 64x64

  Have a good time celebrating your special day, Junho and SuSu (yeobo) teehee!


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