Jaejoong in China: Sold out fan meeting, 1000 more outside the venue

jaejoong 3717
 Well a colorful (hair) Jaejoong made his way to Shanghai, China to greet some 4000 fans at a sold out fanmeet Dec 10.   Reportedly, a 1000 more fans who couldn’t get tix to the event were outside the venue to show support as well.

Jaejoong reportedly commented he didn’t expect to see as many Chinese fans as the number which showed up.  Jaejoong’s popularity was possibly increased by the massive success of JYJ and particularly the Korean drama ‘Protect the Boss’ in which Jaejoong costars.  

At the fanmeeting, the crowd got serenaded by Jaejoong’s “I’ll Protect You” performance, which is part of the OST for ‘Protect the Boss’.


I’m sure they all had a wonderful time.  And the newly-dyed cutie is reportedly back in Korea.

By the way, cute little side story story… can’t vouch for its authenticity, but it cute nonetheless:  According to the twittersphere, Jaejoong got stopped during the security check because of the metal of his belt (ayano jyj) .


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