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High Ratings for Protect the Boss Costarring Jaejoong (JYJ)

jaejoong 013
The ratings for the first couple of episodes of Protect the Boss are high.  According to translated reports, the drama’s first episode came in at 12.1% nationwide and 14.5% in Seoul (d-addicts.com).

The 2nd episode did even better jumping to 16.3% in Seoul and 13.4% nationwide (d-addicts.com).   Another source from AGP Nielsen had the number as high as 17.8% in Seoul with 14. 7% nationwide for the 2nd episode.

The actual drama itself is receiving a lot of praise from people around the net.  A blogger at squidoo wrote that it was “totally amazingly funny!”  The reviews are equally gushing at Twitter.

tramchjck wrote, “i love protect the boss!BOSS Jaejoong so cute”.

yelhsa nas wrote, “Have you seen Protect the Boss? I just finished episode one and it was so funny!”

“I absolutely am enjoying the drama Protect the Boss! Can’t wait for next weeks episodes ^^.” wrote kmimi1.

MikoAiRaya tweeted, “I cant wait for the next two episodes of Protect the Boss..they were just too funny.”

Alecsandra 02 posted, “Protect the Boss exceeded my expectations! Can’t wait to see more! 3x Hwaiting !”

And it goes on and on from there.

Other countries are already in talks with SBS (Korea) vying to be the only broadcaster in their respective countries to show the drama.

If you’ve seen the Japanese drama Sunao ni Narenakute, you know Jaejoong does well working with an ensemble cast.
Protect the Boss, though, is the first Korean drama where Jaejoong is playing one of the lead characters. protectbossratingE2
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