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 What are the things you had to be careful about while preparing for your role?

Jaejoong: Because he is a character that grew up wealthy, his reactions and behaviors are complete opposite from mine. So, I had to be careful not to let that show.

Are there similarities between you and Muwon?

Jaejoong: Similar points between the two of us, we’re both public characters. There are things that we can’t do and we have to be conscious of everyone around us. I think his role as the financial prince born into a wealthy family is similar.

I think that because both of us are in the eye of the public, we’re in a similar situation when sometimes we can’t say everything we want to say and there are times when we can’t tell the truth.

The rest of his characters are so opposite from me that it’s very difficult to point out the differences.

What are Muwon’s strong points (charms)?

Kanghee: In the drama, Eun Seol sees Muwon as sort of a celebrity, I believe. Just like Jaejoong-kun’s fans receive energy and are cheered up when they think of him, it’s the same for me and Muwon.

Ji Hye: Muwon is the perfect man.

Jaejoong: Thank you very much! Do you want something? Really?

Ji Hye: And in the middle of his perfection he is also very honest. I think that honesty is a part of his charm.

Jaejoong: (Laughs)

Ji Hye: He’s also handsome. And there are points where he can be compared with Ji Heon. One is like a child and the other is a perfect man and they have vulnerabilities. Their charms are opposites. Each have their own charms. It’s the best isn’t it.

Jaejoong: Even though I’m right here you won’t say I’m better?

Ji Hye: Of course Muwon is better.

Jaejoong: Truthfully who do you prefer?

Ji Hye: Because in this role I’m involved with Muwon, so my heart is naturally captured by him.

Jaejoong: Exactly!

Ji Hye: What’s the scene we’re shooting today?

Jaejoong: Love scene right?

Ji Hye: Let’s do it well ok!

What are the strengths of “Protect the Boss” drama?

Kang Hee: This drama is like a collection of sweets. All ages can relate to the story line, it’s a great drama. There aren’t any villains and all the characters are lovable. Seeing the characters grow will give everyone, not only the youth, the courage to challenge something in their lives.

Ji Sung: The charm of “Protect the Boss” is that we learn that good and evil co-exist in this world, which is represented in many dramas, but here it is presented cutely through loveable characters. I collide with Muwon in many scenes where we compete for authority and even though we’re relatives there is our pride as men on the line too. Through the drama, funny scenes where I catch Muwon at the restaurant are drawn out. We have childish fights. This is a piece that makes us reflect on the human relationships. These points are clearly represented in the drama making it a good piece of art.

Jaejoong: It is a drama that is funny and at the same time thrills the audience. In every society there are problems and this drama works to solve these problems. Whoever watches this drama, they will relate to it and will understand the message that the drama carries to change all the worries and problems into pleasure.

Message to the viewers

Jaejoong: Hello! I’m Jaejoong! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m sorry that after all this time I greet you through a drama commentary. It’s is a drama with a really enjoyable story so please everyone watch “Protect the Boss.”
“Protect the Boss” Fight-o!
Well! Please wait for me in Japan! See you see you see you~

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