The JYJ fan community is worried about Jaejoong right now because of a photo showing the singer with a bandaged eye.  It appears to be the same one that has given him problems in the past as well.

According to translated reports, Jaejoong wrote on his twitter account: “My whole body’s damaged.  You guys should be careful too.”

It is unclear if this is an eye injury, or if there is something going on with the general health of that eye which requires further treatment, as of this posting.

At the end of last year, if you remember, Jaejoong’s sisters tweeted him and each other about an eye infection he had.  They also told Jae to go to the hospital and conversed with each other about when to go see him.

At that time, according to translated reports, Jaejoong told his sister “Yeah, I just wish my eyes would get better quickly.  I can only hope for a miracle…” (sharingyoochun.net)

One thing I DO NOT like to see in any way is for any of the guys to be hurt.  When Junsu had to temporarily make use of a wheel chair on stage because of an injury, I was so worried and sad for him because he loves to move (sports/dance).  

It’s the same with seeing Jaejoong.  Those priceless, beautiful eyes of his — aside from being essential to humans — are one of the most striking physical attributes he has.

The fans are certainly wishing him well today and sending him as much love as they can from wherever they are.

It is yet unclear what specifics Jaejoong meant when he said his whole body is damaged, but I can only hope whatever else is giving him problems that he soon finds his way out of any hurt he’s going through.

Get well soon!  Tell Jiji to take care you this time. 😛


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