JYJ Members Dream about Yunho and Changmin

members, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have recently opened up and revealed their true feelings about DBSK’s Changmin and Yunho.

In a recent interview with reporters, the members of JYJ said that “The two friends frequently appear in our dreams. Not long ago, they appeared in the dreams of all three us on the same night.” They also said that, “A lot of time has passed. The misunderstandings that formed because of the distance and the amount of the time we’ve spent apart are beginning to disappear. We just want to meet them, and talk to them.”

Jaejoong added that, “I got to the know the lighting director of the drama ‘Poseidon’ through ‘Protect the Boss’ and he told me to come visit the filming location (of ‘Poseidon’) sometime. Though he wasn’t sure if Yunho would be there or not..” and stopped there. He also said that, “At least I’d be able to see (Choi) Siwon (of Super Junior).”

JYJ has just released their first Korean album, “In Heaven,” which has done well on the music charts. The trio will be having their first set of concerts in Europe with their first stop at the Palau Sant Jordi Stadium in Barcelona, Spain on October 29. They will also be performing at the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany on November 6.

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