jyj0583,000 fans watched JYJ’s performance in Barcelona Spain according to the concert promoter who is slapping down a report from Asahi, a publication whose credibility has now been called into question.

According to translated reports, the promoter Open Music Jordi confirmed that 3,000 people were in attendance at the first concert ever held in Spain by a single KPop act.  

This wouldn’t even be an issue today if a certain publication hadn’t publicly claimed the 3000 number was allegedly exaggerated.  Fans who read that article became pissed off and  outright speculated that somebody at SM or avex was in some way involved with trying to downplay the importance of JYJ’s achievement in Europe.

Not only was it a big achievement for JYJ and KPop in general, but the type of fans who showed up was also incredibly important.  There wasn’t just Asian fans who had flown in to see JYJ.  There were a number of fans of all different races, some of whom had camped out in front of the venue more than 24 hours before JYJ’s concert.

Why do some people working with news organizations ruin their reputations over the most ridiculous things?  What was the point of purposely misreporting to the public about the number of fans who showed up at a JYJ concert?

It may be a case of not wanting others to see that a major accomplishment like this can be made without the financial backing of a big Korean or Japanese entertainment company. Remember, not only is JYJ fighting for fairness from SM (Korea), they’re also fighting against a ban in Japan because of what some observers have categorized as the sneaky actions of avex … itself a major collaborator with SM.

Asahi is not a fansite.  So for their biased reporting, they seem to be getting nothing but criticism about their professionalism.

By yesterday late afternoon,  a simple search for ‘jyj’  at Twitter was full of tweets posted by people expressing their anger and suspicions about that article which downplayed JYJ’s numbers.

ning225 posted: “…I refer to your biased article about JYJ in Asahi.  I’m appalled by your lack of professionalism”.

IOveDae2dBAk posted about concerns of what could become a problem given JYJ’s large international fanbase: “@asahi hi.. im JYJ fan from MALAYSIA.. i heard asahi newspaper is one of d news that can be trusted.. but now i wonder if its true…”

dhdh1215 posted: “@asahi I’m quite shocked that this huge media just posted the rumor about other country’s artist, jyj, without a least of verification.”

dhdh1215 also posted: “@asahi @asahi_shakai Not only as a Jyj’s fan but also as a reader of Asahi, I’m deeply frustrated. I cannot trust Asahi any more.”

JYJtack wrote: “I want @asahi to apologize officially abt that rumor-filled article abt JYJ & recant the article. You’r not deserved to be called as media”.   This person also posted: “always thought @Asahi is somewhat respectful.. Can’t believe Asahi wrote JYJ article representing one-sided story n ignoring neural facts”

JaeSuChunLover RTed: “@NYAH_NYAH_: JP JYJ fans, pls read this! http://tl.gd/dvpg3q (via @Mission4JYJ) Pls take action, do NOT let Asahi destroy JYJ in Japan!”

alulily called their credibility into question: “@asahi You’re a disgrace to journalism, making up facts that contain no truth whatsoever. Tabloid. Just a disgrace. Apologize to JYJ.”

JYJFan4ever chimed in with: “@asahi unlike other artist, JYJ and their fans treasure smaller audiences too. It’s not just about numbers or face value. Learn your facts”

djb expressed total disappointment: “@asahi Regarding JYJ article: I’ve hoped Japanese/Korean coverage of issues would become more balanced & fair but I remain disappointed.”

zoamorrda posted: “@asahi dont spread rumours about JYJ Shame on You!!”

Selestelle wrote: “@asahi please, apologize to JYJ fans and to the members of JYJ who suffered from rumors and hateful press!”

lindalukita posted: “Sumimasen @asahi .Please research thoroughly before releasing some article based on one side opinion only. Its someone life you are ruining”

Like some other fans, Luh Ga posted multiple tweets about this situation, making at least these 4 tweets:

“@asahi as national paper,ur article about JYJ had put ur credibility into shambles, using opinion and gossip as a sources,u’re not tabloid!!”

“@asahi if u want to use opinion, u should put pro and contra JYJ, not only one side, this is like highschool paper, not national newspaper”

“@asahi as JYJ international fan, we won’t let any wrong news put JYJ’s name in bad taste, this is could be interpret as defamation…”

“@asahi JYJ fan are not stupid, we know the truth but ur opinion could make unknown citizen think bad of JYJ”

On and on.  And these are only a sample of the ones in English!

Before the concert at a press conference,  JYJ expressed their desire to start out at smaller venues in Europe saying:

We think it is only natural that the first concert is small in scale. We put meaning to the fact that we are doing a tour in Europe and we want to fulfill [milestones] one by one from small places, with the mindset of beginning again from the start line.

Anybody who knows anything about JYJ’s past history when they performed as TVXQ knows that they have a knack for wanting to do intimate performances in new countries.

For example, in Japan they didn’t seek to ride a “hallyu wave” to popularity.  Instead, they methodically performed like rookies from small venues to larger ones; singing anywhere they could, taking years to learn the language, and immersing themselves in the culture.

By the way, KPoP itself seems to have sprouted wings in Europe with a number of countries showing their fascination and respect for the genre.  

According to reports, JYJ is nominated in the “So Loved Awards 2011” in Europe for Best Album, Best Band (Male), and  Best Music Video (In Heaven).  The awards show will be held on Dec 29 at the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin, Germany.  Berlin is where JYJ is also set to perform a concert in a couple of days.

Both Yoochun’s “Miss Ripley” and Jaejoong’s “Protect the Boss” are also nominated for Best Drama going against each other.

Setting Junsu against Jaejoong (teehee) is the Best OST Song category.   Junsu’s  Scent of a Woman song “You are so Beautiful” is also nominated with Jaejoong’s Protect the Boss song “I’ll Protect You”.

But don’t get too happy.  As of this posting, non-European countries’ votes will not count towards the total.

The “So Loved Awards” organizers want to show the current trends in KPop and seek to “indicate which artists will have a real chance to find their way into the European market”.


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