Junsu is OK, waiting for a flight out of Japan UPDATE#1

The shocking news of the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan set many people on high alert and prayers began to go out to the people of Japan.  We became even more anxious when learning that Junsu and staff are still in Japan.

The latest reports (as of 3:45AM ET) are that Junsu is unhurt, though he did feel the quake, and that they’re waiting on the next possible time they can get on a flight to Korea once the airport reopens.


Junsu’s Tweets:

Translation of Junsu’s Twitter: @SYCTeam

I never feel anything like this before.. I got traumatized today.. RT @0101xiahtic: 무엇보다 나 내일 팬미팅이라 가야하는데…비행기 뜰수 있으려나..음.

[Trans] [Junsu @0101xiahtic]

I have to go to the Fanmeeting tomorrow more than anything… (I’m) Not sure whether there are Flights available..um

무엇보다 나 내일 팬미팅이라 가야하는데…비행기 뜰수 있으려나..음

Credit: Ryuinnie @onetvxq.com


JYJ World Tour Concert 2011:

Dear caring JYJ Fans,
Junsu is now at Haneda Airport, Japan waiting for flight back to Korea. We are doing our best to find all the way we can do to carry him back to Korea for tomorrow’s fan meeting.

Other than anything, he is okay, fine, with no harm at all. We keep contact with him at the moment. Don’t worry, just pray for him back home safe. He really wants to see you fans tomorrow!!!! :'(

ANother translation below:

[Twitter] Junsu tweet update (3/11)

From @0101xiahtic:

난 여태껏 느껴보지 못한..흔들림을 ..오늘 느꼈다….

[trans] today I felt an amount of shaking that I’ve never felt before

From @0101xiahtic:

무엇보다 나 내일 팬미팅이라 가야하는데…비행기 뜰수 있으려나..음.

[trans] more importantly, tomorrow is the fanmeet so I have to go… hmm. I wonder if the plane will be able to lift off

Translation by. withJYJ

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