Junsu in Tears of Heaven Draws Praise from Famous Broadway Composer

Junsu’s stunning performance in Tears of Heaven (also called “Heaven’s Tears”) is drawing accolades from everyone, including famous theater composer Frank Wildhorn,

Wildhorn was at the opening performance of Tears of Heaven where Junsu plays a Korean solder who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman during the Vietnam war.

According to translated reports, Wildhorn said he wants Junsu for the lead in Jekyll & Hyde if at all possible. Besides Jekyll & Hyde, Wildhorn has written for Dracula, Victor/Victoria, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and other musicals.

Here’s the latest report:

JYJ’s Junsu shed tears of joy after receiving great praise from one of the world’s leading musical thatre composers for his performance in “Heaven’s Tears.”

According to Core Contents Media and Seoul Company, after seeing Junsu’s performance in “Heaven’s Tears,” on the first, world famous musical theatre composer Frank Wildhorn, who is best known for “Jekyll & Hyde,” praised Junsu by saying, “Kim Junsu’s acting was superb. If opportunity permits, I want to use Junsu as the lead for ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ on broadway.”

After hearing such praise, Junsu replied by saying “I wanted to show you the best performance” and shedding tears of joy. Frank Wildhorn replied by giving Junsu a hug.

The opening night on February 1st was extremely successful and all 1500 seats were sold out.

“Heaven’s tears” is a magnificent musical about a heart-breaking love story which occurs during the Vietnam War, and Junsu plays a Korean soldier who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman and is willing to go against fate for his love.

Meanwhile, “Jekyll & Hyde’s” composer Frank Wildhorn, “Sweeny Todd’s” director Gabriel Berry, and numerous other broadway producers have been heavily involved in the musical “Heaven’s Tears.” World-famous musical actor Brad Little stars as a U.S. Colonel.
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