Jae. Is. Gorgeous. Even in candid pictures.. Seriously.@mjjeje

Okay, see. Jaejoong… Jae…. what?! Every time I think I know the full extent of just how unique Jaejoong’s face is, there is always something else which makes me step back and take notice. 

As you all know, I love to see black-haired Jaejoong (red-haired Junsu, and long-haired Yoochun).  I didn’t really care all that much for the washed-out blonde/light haired look because his skin is so porcelain that it does nothing for him.  (Look at me acting like I’m a supermodel or something. Ha! Ha!) But seriously, black-haired Jaejoong is outstanding.

But imagine my reaction to seeing this picture:

I literally released an audible gasp when I saw this picture. Smokey, Gorgeousness. This is from Jaejoong’s and Junsu’s trip to Vietnam.  He’s outside with Junsu, just enjoying himself and bringing attention to the sport. No special lighting, no special poses. Just Jaejoong being Jaejoong.

But then he smiles and looks like this. Wow. You wanna walk up to him and hold his hand or something. Haha!

Honestly, I have developed I severe liking to Jaejoong’s hard-edged look; you know, when he has any amount of hair off of his forehead.  I typically don’t care at all for guys with tattoos, who smoke and drink, who have that fierce bad-boy look, or guys who are too “pretty”.  I can’t stand it………. except on him. 

Why? Wae?! Doushite…? LOL!

I feel like I’m fighting not to be so attracted to his looks because it was never about the looks for me.  I happened upon DBSK because of my adoration of shounen-ai/yaoi genre.  Love in the Ice was what made be become a fan; not how cute they were.

I couldn’t care less about giggling over some KPOP dudes who are younger than I am.  There’s nothing wrong with that and I actually find it very cute when their fans do it!  But that’s not my scene.

So why do I care about this?  Maybe its his personality that I like most and that’s what’s causing it?  Why do I continue to be so impressed by how unique his looks are? 

And they are seriously unique.  Jaejoong can seriously look like 2 different versions of the same person: one technically very “pretty” and refined; and one very bad-boy/rocker/manly.  He looks like his own twin depending on whether or not he has his hair off his forehead or covering it.  All in the SAME dude… sometimes at the SAME time.  WTF?  Tell me I ain’t the only one who sees this?

Oh here’s 2 more:


*stuck with silence for a minute*  In these pics, he looks like a bad-a$$ trying to be a good-boy for the day. LOL!

But look again, and he’ll look like this:

jaejoong_3463vietnam dongbanger

What?! People who can’t see it, don’t tell me I’m crazy! Tongue out

Okay, okay. I’ll stop it!  Anyway, I just wanted to spazz out a little because of these new pictures. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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